From blacksmith to global market leader in aerospace systems

History of Senior Aerospace Bosman BV

SABosman BV was one of the first companies in the Netherlands involved in the repair and overhaul of aircraft components. Founded in 1901 by Mr Bastian Bosman in Rotterdam, the company is now part of Senior plc, United Kingdom. The company started as a blacksmith with the name Bosman. The business expanded very fast and changed its name to Bosman Machine Fabriek.

As Bosman got more and more involved in building steel structures, the company moved to the vicinity of Waalhaven Airport and its main activity became designing and manufacturing aircraft hangers. A few years later, Bosman built its own branch on Brielselaan in the port of Rotterdam, an excellent location for incoming materials for its steel structure engineering.

In 1989 Bosman Powersource Support BV became a subsidiary of Zimmerman Holdings Inc. working side by side with other companies with an equally great reputation in the aircraft industry. AS Bosman PS became more and more involved in manufacturing and repairing aircraft engine components, it caught the interest of the Senior Group. Following other companies of Zimmerman Holdings, a take-over took place in 1997 and Bosman PS became part of the English multinational Senior Engineering Group Plc. The take-over resulted in the name Senior Flexonics Bosman BV.

In 2000, the Senior group divided its activities into two separate divisions. On the one hand Senior Flexonics, which is responsible for activities in the automotive and industrial market and on the other hand Senior Aerospace responsible for activities in the aerospace industry. This reorganisation resulted in the company being named Senior Aerospace Bosman BV.

Senior Aerospace Bosman BV is now an operation of Senior plc., one of the most highly regarded companies in the world. Senior plc is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of, for instance, composite parts, metal bellows, compensators, cooling sustems, ducting systems etc., with manufacturing, sales and distribution operations all over the world. Please visit for further information

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