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Senior Aerospace Bosman has a dedicated innovation strategy to keep delivering more and more value to our customers by focusing on 3 main pillars;

Operational Excellence

We are continuously improving our operational processes through automation and digitalization while working smarter developing data analysis tools, 3D printing and visual management.

Product Innovation

As supplier of cooling systems and tip clearance management, we aim to use our knowledge and experience to develop the next generation of cooling systems necessary for the next generation of propulsion systems for our customers.

Talent Development

People drive innovation, not technology. We want our employees to fully develop their talents and ambitions. The result is a creative and inspiring atmosphere in which we want to design and develop the technology of the future.

Future Technology

With our knowledge and experience in cooling systems, advanced materials, manufacturing know-how and aerospace qualification we are collaboratively developing the next generation thermal management systems for future propulsion systems. We have set up a dedicated R&D cell for product development and to incentivize innovation.

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Innovation through Collaboration

After years of collaborative projects with customers, industry partners and knowledge institutions an extensive Innovation Ecosystem has been build.

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Digitalization & Automation

In order to keep working smarter we focus on digitalization of monitoring processes, inspection, quality control and logistics. To improve efficiencies, prices and we keep automating and robotizing even the most complex sheet metal manufacturing processes.

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Additive Manufacturing

Within the complete Senior plc group we are constantly expanding our manufacturing processes and have fully developed AM capabilities from metal powder qualification, topology optimization and process parameter optimization to part certification. At Bosman we also work closely together with knowledge institutions to expand AM applications to current and future components.

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Talent Development

At Bosman we believe everyone has talent and ambitions. As the world of aerospace manufacturing will vastly change, so do the skillsets of our employees. Therefore, we want to offer our employees time and space to further develop their talents.

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