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During the last decades there have been large improvements in fuel consumption per passenger kilometer. To make further steps in engine efficiency two improvement areas are of key importance; the propulsive efficiency and thermal efficiency.  Next generation engines will include large bypass ratio’s and smaller, hotter engine cores to be able to make those steps (e.g. Ultra High By-pass Ratio engines).

Smaller cores and higher temperatures result in numerous technical challenges in, for example, the heat resistance limit of materials and compactness of components. Senior Aerospace Bosman recognizes that advances in cooling systems of hot section components will be vital to successfully reach engine efficiency goals.

R&D Projects

With our knowledge, experience and network in manufacturing and design of (jet impingement) cooling systems for the high- and low-pressure turbine we aim to develop advanced cooling systems that will support higher thermal efficiencies in the turbine section.

Together with partners we are looking into improving cooling performance of Active Clearance Control systems to be able to better support our customers.

THE CHANGING ROLE OF THERMAL MANAGEMENT: Click the images above to view larger images and browse the gallery.

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