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Senior Aerospace Bosman is a flexible and service-oriented company offering innovative, efficient and reliable solutions to its customers. Our portfolio comprises high-quality sheet metal products that are used in aero engines, aircraft systems, space applications, stationary gas and steam turbines, the (petro)chemical industry and in the sustainable energy market.

Aero Engine Turbine Tip Clearance Management

Aero engine efficiency is becoming an increasingly important factor for the aviation industry for both operational costs as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Bosman specializes in Aero Engine Tip Clearance Systems and components which ensure the low- and high-pressure turbine efficiency. These systems such as honeycomb seals and Active Clearance Control systems minimize air leakage between rotating and stationary parts which ultimately leads to better engine performance. Design and manufacturing precision of these components are key. See how we can help to optimize engine efficiency.

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Aero Engines Fabrications

With a clear weight advantage to machined parts, sheet metal fabrications are commonly applied in aero engines systems and components such as ducting, bracketry, heat shields, combustions chambers, transitions pieces, heat exchangers and many more.

With over 100 years of experience in sheet metal, we have built an extensive amount of knowledge and know-how in forming and joining processes of sheet metal. This includes complex high temperature superalloys for hot section parts, steel, nickel and cobalt based alloys and next generation high temperature materials.

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Stationary Gas Turbine Modules

Arguably, gas turbine power plants are going to play an important role in the inevitable transition towards renewable energy by offering flexible (back-up) power during times of high energy demand.

Senior Aerospace Bosman manufactures and repairs a wide variety of sheet metal fabrications for different gas turbines modules, including honeycomb seals, combustion liners, transitions pieces and more. With our experience in repair and manufacturing, we can offer gas turbine OEM’s and service providers new part manufacturing, spares and repairs.

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Space Propulsion Systems

Satellite launches and space exploration have been a huge growth market for the last decade and will likely continue to be so. Advancements are necessary in the field of propulsion systems, materials, cooling and electronics.

Bosman has been manufacturing rocket propulsion parts such as heat shields and high temperature ducting for many years. Together with our partner we are also actively investing in commercializing next generation materials that can withstand extreme high and low temperatures for space applications.

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