Guaranteeing optimal aero engine efficiency with advanced tip clearance solutions

Aero Engine Turbine Tip Clearance Management

Aero engine efficiency is becoming an increasingly important factor for the aviation industry for both operational costs as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Bosman specializes in Aero Engine Tip Clearance Systems and components which ensure the low- and high-pressure turbine efficiency. These systems such as honeycomb seals and Active Clearance Control systems minimize air leakage between rotating and stationary parts which ultimately leads to better engine performance. Design and manufacturing precision of these components are key. See how we can help to optimize engine efficiency…

LPT/HPT Cooling Systems

We manufacture tubular Active Clearance Control cooling systems for both low pressure turbines and high pressure turbines.

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Honeycombs & Abradable seals

Mechanical seals are crucial for the overall efficiency of turbine and compressor sections and for preventing unwanted leakage of air or liquids. We have all manufacturing processes in-house for a wide range of metal seals.

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AERO ENGINE TURBINE TIP CLEARANCE MANAGEMENT: Click the images above to view larger images and browse the gallery.

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